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Grooming Services

Our mission is to make you and your pet as comfortable as possible during your grooming experience by offering :

+ flexible hours to fit your schedule.

+ Privates to teach you the skills to handle and keep up with your pet properly. 

+Mobile grooms right outside your home in our Well equipped unit.

+Special shampoos, Top of the line products, along with natural enzymatic ear/teeth and Antifungal /Antiparasitic treatments.

+We focus on one pet at a time, each pet will recieve our undivided attention for an enjoyable low stress service.

+We also specialize in special needs/ anxious / skittish or aggresive dogs.

+ We'd Love to service your feline friends as well !

Luxury Full Groom

This includes a:
Bath, Brush, Blow Dry , Nail trim/dremel, Ear cleaning/plucking, face/feet and genital sanitary trim Along with full body AKC standard haircut Or style of your choice.

Price guideline
(price varies depending on temperament, breed & coat condition)
10 lbs or less $70-$90
11- 30lbs $90-$100
31- 60lbs $100-110$

60-100+lbs $110-$300

Luxury Bath

This includes everything EXCEPT the full body haircut; Bath, Brush, Dry, Nails, ears, Teeth & sanitary trim .

Price guideline

(price may vary )

10 lbs or less $60-$75
11-30lbs $75-$90
31- 60lbs $90-$120
60-100+lbs $120-$250


*DIY Grooming Lessons*

have you tried grooming your dog with little to no success? would you like to learn more on how you can keep up with your baby inbetween grooms?

Zen Cutz offers a unique curriculum for pet parents looking to be more hands on with their k9 friends.

The DIY grooming lessons are specifically structured for you and your dog in a private setting to focus on your needs. We will go over all the information you need to be successful without injuring your pet .

Price Varies per Hour anywhere between $80-$120 per hour. We also offer shorter lessons for specific requests like Nail trims/dremels.

Add Ons

-Anal Gland Express $33
-Nail trim/dremel $25
-Ear flush/Pluck $22
-Face/Feet/ Tail trim $50
-Furminator Treatment $25
-Flea bath $15
-Flea treatment $22
-Teeth Brush $15
-Bluberry Facial $20
-Whitening shampoo $20
-Brushing $25 per 30 min
-Dematting $40 per 30min

Have a Feline friend? We do Cat Grooms !
$60-$100 per cat
please call us directly for more info on cat grooms.

Prices are subject to change, Additional fees may apply to neglected coats.


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