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At Zen Cutz, we prioritize the comfort and well-being of your furry friends. Our flexible hours and mobile delivery make it easy for us to fit your schedule. We focus on one pet at a time, giving them all our attention and care during their groom. We are experienced in working with special needs, anxious, skittish, or aggressive dogs, ensuring their grooming experience is as stress-free as possible. Our team uses only top-of-the-line products and special shampoos, as well as natural enzymatic ear/teeth and antifungal/antiparasitic treatments to keep your pet healthy and happy.


DIY Grooming

Are you looking for a way to be more involved in your pet's grooming routine? Zen Cutz offers DIY Grooming Lessons that are tailored to you and your furry friend in a private setting. Our curriculum is designed to provide you with all the information and hands-on experience you need to confidently groom your pet without causing any harm. Take the first step towards grooming success and book a lesson today!

Chihuahua Bath

Luxury Groom

At our salon, we offer a comprehensive Luxury Full Groom package that provides your dog with the ultimate spa-like experience. Our highly skilled groomers will take care of everything, including a bath, brush, blow dry, nail trim/dremel, ear cleaning/plucking, and face/feet and genital sanitary trim. Additionally, we offer a full body AKC standard haircut or any style of your choosing. Come in and treat your furry friend to the best grooming experience available.


Add ons:

Add Ons-Anal Gland Express $33-Nail trim/dremel $25-Ear flush/Pluck $22-Face/Feet/ Tail trim $50-Furminator Treatment $25-Flea bath $15-Flea treatment $22-Teeth Brush $15-Bluberry Facial $20-Whitening shampoo $20-Brushing $25 per 30 min-Dematting $40 per 30min

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