Grooming Services

Our mission is to make you and your pet as comfortable as possible during your grooming experience by offering :

+ flexible hours to fit your schedule.+ Privates to teach you the skills to handle and keep up with your pet properly.  

+In Home Grooming - We do require that you have a standing sink where your dog can be washed.

+Special shampoos, Top of the line products, along with natural enzymatic ear/teeth and Antifungal /Antiparasitic treatments.

+We focus on one pet at a time, each pet will recieve our undivided attention for an enjoyable low stress service.

+We also specialize in special needs/ anxious / skittish or aggresive dogs.

Luxury Full Groom

This includes a:
Bath, Brush, Blow Dry , Nail trim/dremel, Ear cleaning/plucking, face/feet and genital sanitary trim Along with full body AKC standard haircut Or style of your choice.

Price guideline
(price varies depending on temperament, breed & coat condition)
10 lbs or less $50-$70
11- 30lbs $75-$85
31- 60lbs $90-$100

60-100+lbs $105-$275

Luxury Bath

This includes everything but the full body haircut; Bath, Brush, Dry, Nails, ears, & sanitary trim .

Price guideline

(price may vary )

10 lbs or less $45-$60
11-30lbs $55-$85
31- 60lbs $80-$120
60-100+lbs $90-$200


Add Ons

Anal Gland Express $20
Nail trim/dremel $20
Ear flush/Pluck $20
Face/Feet/ Tail trim $25
Furminator Treatment $25
Flea bath $15
Flea treatment $22
Teeth Brush $15

Have a Feline friend? We do Cat Grooms !
$60-$100 per cat
please call us directly for more info on cat grooms.

Prices are subject to change, Additional fees may apply to neglected coats.