what if my dog/cat is an emotional mess ?

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Anxiety and stress affect most of our pets especially when it comes to grooming. We're here to guide you on how to properly handle your pet to ensure success and avoid stress or injury . Here are some tips on how to manage your pet during grooming courses . - If your dog or cat is skittish , aggressive, overly vocal and cannot handle the presence of other people or animals it is best to book our private sessions. This is very important as we do not want to create bad experiences for other pets who may be sharing space with us during workshops. -We cannot groom your pet if it is on any prescription sedative during our communal workshops. We do however recommend using natural treats or Cbd products to help your pet be at ease without being sedated . We want to help pet parents of all needs so If your pet requires full sedation please talk to us about booking a private session. -Please ensure your pet has had enough time to eat , drink water and gone potty PRIOR to the courses to avoid potty accidents during grooming. You may feel tempted to water or feed your pet during grooming but unless they have a medical condition or it is just a couple treats, it is recommended that you focus solely on grooming so that it can be a quick and positive experience for your pet . -Our pets feed off of OUR energy so it is very important that when you attend these courses you come in feeling confident and not nervous. We want you to offer your pet the best grooming experience from the person who loves them most so come in with a positive attitude.

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